Friday, November 5, 2010

Maggie EXPLODES and Ciara QUITS!

As they say a new day a new feud. Best friends, Findurlove and Ciaraleanne recently had a very heat discussion over the work ethics of each other and what they bring to the table for their blog The Star Dose. Seem like Ciara quit and no doesn't look like she will be returning. . Read the following:

" [11/4/2010 6:35:44 PM] Finds♥: did you tell them? :^)
[11/4/2010 6:35:51 PM] Ciara.HOER ♥: no :S

[11/4/2010 6:36:00 PM] Finds♥: WTF?
[11/4/2010 6:36:06 PM] Finds♥: is there something wrong with you?
[11/4/2010 6:36:07 PM] Finds♥: :^)

[11/4/2010 6:36:14 PM] Finds♥: im pretty sure there is

[11/4/2010 6:36:15 PM] Ciara.HOER ♥: yes actually |-(


[11/4/2010 6:36:30 PM] Finds♥: |-(

[11/4/2010 6:36:34 PM] Ciara.HOER ♥: I WAS BUSY

[11/4/2010 6:36:35 PM] Ciara.HOER ♥: -.-
[11/4/2010 6:36:43 PM] Finds♥: for 4 hours
[11/4/2010 6:36:47 PM] Finds♥: you didnt have 5 minutes

[11/4/2010 6:36:48 PM] Finds♥: wow
[11/4/2010 6:36:59 PM] Finds♥: 4 hours AND a half

[11/4/2010 6:37:33 PM] Ciara.HOER ♥: Then do your own jobs jeez

[11/4/2010 6:39:03 PM] Finds♥: As much as its my job its yours

[11/4/2010 6:39:13 PM] Ciara.HOER ♥: how?

[11/4/2010 6:39:22 PM] Finds♥: you are co-owner

[11/4/2010 6:39:40 PM] Finds♥: Plus you write once every two weeks
[11/4/2010 6:39:49 PM] Finds♥: and that is to advertise for one of your friends
[11/4/2010 6:39:53 PM] Finds♥: or for your own project
[11/4/2010 6:39:57 PM] Finds♥: if you dont post

[11/4/2010 6:40:00 PM] Finds♥: you dont help with graphics

[11/4/2010 6:40:04 PM] Finds♥: and you dont help me with my job

[11/4/2010 6:40:08 PM] Finds♥: what do you want to do?

[11/4/2010 6:40:12 PM] Finds♥: just sit there?
[11/4/2010 6:40:29 PM] Finds♥: I pretty much see you being nice to other people

[11/4/2010 6:40:30 PM] Ciara.HOER ♥: and you dont write at all either maggie yet you're a part of tons of other blogs you just magically have time for.

[11/4/2010 6:40:49 PM] Finds♥: and getting all your mad, depressed mood out on me
[11/4/2010 6:40:57 PM] Finds♥: but you know how well I deal with these things
[11/4/2010 6:41:02 PM] Finds♥: mmm

[11/4/2010 6:41:08 PM] Finds♥: most of the blogs I do write for are over

[11/4/2010 6:41:15 PM] Finds♥: and the ones I do write for

[11/4/2010 6:41:28 PM] Finds♥: I pretty much write whatever and whenever the owners tell me to
[11/4/2010 6:41:48 PM] Finds♥: and at least once or twice every 3-4 days

[11/4/2010 6:41:57 PM] Finds♥: you post ads for your friends

[11/4/2010 6:42:05 PM] Finds♥: which makes you seem so sweeett

[11/4/2010 6:42:28 PM] Finds♥: I let these go cause its one of your privilages as co-owner
[11/4/2010 6:42:35 PM] Finds♥: :P

[11/4/2010 6:42:36 PM] Finds♥: but you pretty much dont do anything else

[11/4/2010 6:42:49 PM] Finds♥: even the simplist jobs
[11/4/2010 6:42:54 PM] Finds♥: such as sendig messages

[11/4/2010 6:42:55 PM] Finds♥: :P

[11/4/2010 6:42:56 PM] Ciara.HOER ♥: Its not like you do either |-(

[11/4/2010 6:43:19 PM] Finds♥: the only difference is

[11/4/2010 6:43:21 PM] Finds♥: its MY blog

[11/4/2010 6:43:28 PM] Finds♥: you are a writer for it as well as co-owner

[11/4/2010 6:43:31 PM] Finds♥: so you have to post

[11/4/2010 6:43:50 PM] Finds♥: plus, you pretty much dont go to school, you dont have much homeworks

[11/4/2010 6:43:56 PM] Finds♥: so you dont have much stress there

[11/4/2010 6:44:05 PM] Finds♥: and as soon as you get something to do you are so stressed
[11/4/2010 6:44:09 PM] Finds♥: which buffles me
[11/4/2010 6:44:32 PM] Finds♥: and I'm busy, you know I am in medical school which takes a lot of my effort and time, and thats why I need some help

[11/4/2010 6:44:35 PM] Ciara.HOER ♥: So what, you're just owner? and the job you have is to make me your assistant and tell people what to do? and tell all the writers to come up with projects.
[11/4/2010 6:44:41 PM] Finds♥: and you provide back-talk that just pisses me off

[11/4/2010 6:45:05 PM] Finds♥: and your job is back-talk

[11/4/2010 6:45:14 PM] Finds♥: great to see you ''feel bad'' for others

[11/4/2010 6:45:17 PM] Finds♥: but when it comes to me

[11/4/2010 6:45:21 PM] Finds♥: its all attitude
[11/4/2010 6:45:31 PM] Finds♥: you can go talk to your beloved friends

[11/4/2010 6:46:05 PM] Finds♥: cause I am sick of being called out for getting somehelp from my supposed best friend

[11/4/2010 6:46:13 PM] Finds♥: if I didnt ask you shall I just ask a stranger

[11/4/2010 6:46:14 PM] Ciara.HOER ♥: I DONT GO TO SCHOOL BECAUSE I AM ILL JESUS. -.- DEPRESSION IS AN ILLNESS. No stress? I so do. You're not the only one I work for maggie. I really believe your busy when you say you're watching movies etc. So busy."

I won't say much because I am both of their friends, but who was right and who was wrong?


Deidra said...


2peicesofcandy1 said...

this actually makes me REALLY sad because i like both of them and they're such good friends. i hope they can get through it :(

KingofMedia said...

They will, I'm sure they will!

Findurlove said...

We actually started getting back to normal after a while in the same day :D

vasia28 said...

I wouldn't be suprised if that fight was fake... (:

Ciara said...

Vasia it wasn't fake actually.
& We're back to being bfth >:)

Nojarama said...

xD These fights are regular and trivial and are usually a blip after a day or it Ciara and Maggie's friendship period?

Anonymous said...

Lol! a girl who's like 14 years old having a depression..

KingofMedia said...

Sorry but that's not funny, there's a lot of people who suffer from depression, even younger kids.

jessijenni said...

I agree there's nothing funny about depression. x(

Yazzieblue said...

It's not funny. You can be depressed at ANY age.

Don't judge until you've been through it yourself.