Saturday, March 2, 2013

MDM Custody Battle!

 Memoires Of A Medoll is seriously having some baby mama drama right now. Previous owner Noelle_Page is all like "Let me see my child!" and the new owner AislinVictory is like "Oh hell naw, I ain't about that life. You ain't just about to walk up to me 10 years later asking to see your child for the first time. Get lost, I want an explanation first!" Who knew we'd be dealing with baby mama drama here on Stardoll.

So obviously they aren't fighting over a baby. The founders of Memoires Of a Medoll Noelle_page, and Isabella.Arci appear to be extreme upset with the current owner(s) Aislinvictory, and To_Royal. Co-founder Isabella.Arci was talking with the Eliteprotect in her guestbook and revealed to us that she can't access the blog.
So as of a few days ago Isabella.Arci was 'planning' on revamping MDM, until she found out that she couldn't access her own blog. It appears that both Isabella.Arci and Noelle_Page were removed from their own blog MDM. Being that I'm friends with both the owners of MDM I found out that To_royal was also removed as a admin leaving Aislinvictory the sole owner.

Eliteprotect made sure everyone knew that Aislin 'stole' MDM from the rightful owners, by going guestbook to guestbook spreading the word. That next day when Aislin logged on, she made the blog accessible to all viewers and made a post explaining her actions. She also said, "... I will not add either of them back until I receive and explanation from Noelle. I believe that I deserve that much." So basically if Noelle and Isabella want the blog back they'll have to talk to Aislin. A friend of mine spoke to Isabella via stardoll chat and Isabella said something along the lines that she doesn't owe Aislin a explanation. Noelle and herself are the founders of MDM and deserves access to their blog.

Does Aislin deserve a explanation, or should she just give the blog back?


Anonymous said...


Dei said...

She did yesterday.

Linda/Elite-girl said...

Perfect, things are finally resolved!

Anonymous said...

wow, cant believe that eliteprotect is such a megabitch. talking about "elite" "protect"..maybe Aislin isn't an elite, perhaps?

Mikel - Seasonalhotbuys said...

Isn't elite project linda?... LOL

nice try on a "dramatic post"

Linda/Elite-girl said...


Trust me, I keep a couple hundred in the Duff-b
Couple wet wipes in case a bum try to touch me (ew)
I'm the terminator
Bitch talk slick, I'm a have to terminate her

Mikel - Seasonalhotbuys said...

HI! I'm linda i sell coke smeared face enhancers for 100 stardollars (: Also! please don't forget to pick up my penis collarbones.

Anyways that shows what taste you don't have. Lol quoting a nicki mianj song. You are still bitter over?... Exactly pull that royal scepter out of your anus. Go censor yourself. So that you can become a starblogger haha.

LOL aren't you mad at him because he called you reece. Are you not actually reece? I don't know why you exactly brought me into this feud. but i'd gladly finish it.

Linda/Elite-girl said...

Darling I don't have a clue who you are, but I'm glad you're a follower of the blog and know so much about me. Lol maybe you can be the leader of my fan club!

Mikel - Seasonalhotbuys said...

You don't have a clue who am yet you associated me with jb.. LOL you're really silly try again think harder. I follow plenty of shitty blogs don't flatter yourself.

LOL hold onto your dignity reece with you prefabricated luxurious "life" LOL

Hi i'm linda I wear dnky and chanel make up (: I also am a part time model.

Linda/Elite-girl said...

I'm sort of liking you're obsession with me. Lol, the fan club meetings are every Wednesday correct? I'll try to make an appearance next week(sign autographs, kiss babies, whatever I can do to please my fans). Bye darling.

Mikel - Seasonalhotbuys said...

I wonder how ugly you are. Oh wait we've seen pictures of you reece. try some sit ups or maybe just stop eating all together

Jailer/exodus27 said...

im gonna make a blog that showcases the arguments from this blog

Anonymous said...

suddenly dramas and scandals are back ;)