Saturday, March 5, 2011

Admits to hacking!

The devil herself is admitting to hacking in the past. In her guestbook a girl by the name of momijigal911 was harassing the famewhore MizzMileycyrus9 whom goes by the name Destiny, which is the REAL Miley Cyrus's birth name. She finally got the truth out of that bitch Destiny and she revealed a "secret", she was the one who hacked freeduck_, jack jil joe. Surprise surprise, who would have know?*sarcastic undertone* Destiny also denied ever hacker others like Jenna or Mandy, but what about Blake and the others who were hacked.

Destiny you're a disgusting bitch!

Read Marcela's blog to hear what she has to say:


Anonymous said...

Blogger martini1966 said...

February 26, 2011 7:07 PM

Anonymous said...

Okay, here is my text, sorry i do not find the time to translate, if somebody wants to do it, I would be very thankful:
What I have seen:

Mandy wrote to me two days ago in the chat, a sale Le and Rares for 2 SD would have it, I looked and found the promised actually.
I bought a few things and then asked them why she sold things so cheap. In response I got, she would leave SD.
So I asked her then that Cape would also selling their Pom Pom. The answer was realceleb would replace the Cape only against MNG.
That had very surprised, because if she leaves SD, she must share nothing. Similarly, a hacker is interested to change things from the account.
Then I was at some point when my daughter in the account to buy her something of the sale. I realized that she wanted to bring the sale to the end, because it was in there only 3 uninteresting things for 2 SD, no one wanted to have also the Shearling coat and the pink DKNY dress for each 500 sd. To get these things so regular 500 sd or less on the Bazaar and sold previously as the scuba dress for 2 SD, it was a sign that she wanted to stop sale for the day for me. But I aktuallisierte still, because I wanted to watch, whether it goes not perhaps with the sale.
And right, then came the broken stripe dress for 21 sd and I bought it.
Then I went back account back in my and again in their sale.
Nothing happened, because I look at the chat and saw that it was offline. I however did not miss if it continues and watched regularly chatting after her.
After about half an hour she came back online.
In their prize she hired the text and their doll was defaced.
She claimed in the text of hackers is in your account and is not. I can't prove though that you, but you can decide for yourself whether you believe me or not:
because it can be only lie! Because it would mean that the hacker had signed out and to the exact same second again had logged as Mandy.

February 26, 2011 at 7: 01 PM
Blogger martini1966 said...

Anonymous said...

Because it was actually hacked, I had chatted Yes previously with the hacker.
But there was no Mandy Yes 30 minutes online. And then the hacker and they come back back in their account?
This can only be if Mandy and the hackers are the same person.
Later I found then a post by Mandy in GB of my daughter that the dress which has bought was a swap and it would like to have you back.
I told my daughter she would not delete the entry, but also not reply. To be safe, I made a screen of it.

Please what hackers will account have back things to which he has hacked? So what's not at all!

It continued the next day. She asked me in the chat if she could have their stuff back. I previously no longer believed her history on the day I made screenshots of the conversation.
Be seen in the link, but please pay attention to following thing: while she dresses in it that no one bought, who had allegedly again set the hacker, went calmly your doll a new hairstyle make!
To show that you, I asked her chatting, why she rausnimmt the stuff from the bazaar are already 10 minutes in it.

February 28, 2011 1:07 AM

Anonymous said...

February 26, 2011 at 7: 02 PM
Blogger martini1966 said...

Makes it so? Would you come doll with your in Salon, if you knew that a hacker selling your stuff?
And you have a ready-made HTML text which says that a hacker in your suite? Even if Mandy and HTML is very fast at the moment where something happens one is whether you're a what looks like the Prez. As one looks to quickly notify people but it is a matter, how it looks and you not only makes was conspicuous by HTML.
One of you has observed what I saw?
Who is afraid of, a friend request to send rairinob to report publicly, with my main account I can see unfortunately no new friend requests.
But it would be great if you you would trust to confirm what I've observed.
As you can read in the screenshots, I reported SD also. Before I get nothing official from SD, I will let the things I bought in my store. I will not sell it but I give back only Mandy, if I myself should have deceived.
I can't imagine though that, but who knows....
It is so, that I Mandy not

February 28, 2011 1:08 AM

Anonymous said...

she is the hacker!! i belive you martini1996 and dont give her shit beacuse i have read her pres

March 3, 2011 10:41 PM
Blogger martini1966 said...

Mandy started now a private war against my doll. We are making screens from everything and SD is informed.
If it will be necessary, i will show you everything here.
And thank you to all dolls, who support me.
It is so very nice and makes me very happy :)

March 4, 2011 3:23 PM
Comment deleted

This post has been removed by the author.

March 4, 2011 3:25 PM
Blogger martini1966 said...

Few days later I received the following guestbook entries:

March 5, 2011 8:22 PM

Anonymous said...

Blogger martini1966 said...

As you can see, I told Mandy that I am awaiting a message from Stardoll what they found out. I saved all items I bought from her all the time, and I would surely give her her items back if I am wrong. After this message I haven't heard anything from her. And when I found out, Stardoll reactivated her main account I checked my friends list. I noticed Mandy deleted or atleast blocked me - I am not sure. But she was gone from my friends list. Now it was her turn contacting me. Again, few days later she left me a very agressive guestbook entry in which she wrote I have to give her her items back. You can read it here by your own:

March 5, 2011 8:30 PM
Blogger martini1966 said...

A good friend on Stardoll told me, she reported the guestbook entries, and her presentation aswell. Then I just noticed that she even wrote a presentation about me. (You can see it in the links Ialready posted.)
I was totally mad, because she could contact me in my guestbook. I still had her items. Yes, I am saying her items, although I received a message from Stardoll telling me that they don't give any information about other accounts and it's now my decision what I can do with this items. So, if you bought something and you wasn't the hacker, you own these items. Sure, it sounds unfair, but it doesn't work in any other way, otherwise the principle of the StarBazaar wouldn't work. So, I still didn't received a message from Stardoll, if her account really got hacked or not. And Mandy knew that I wanted to know this before I am returning her items. You may ask "Why she didn't asked me by herself?". She forced me returning her items, and this caused the opposite. Until such time I was still willing to return her items. BUT with this behaviour I wont do anything anymore. The text at her presentation is already removed, but she replaced it with a link to her blog. It says, she is leaving Stardoll, or she is only coming back when I am willing to give her her items back. Via a friend I told her I would give her her items back if she was truly hacked and would apologize everywhere where she spread this about me. I don't let me force to anything, no matter if 100 or even thousands of her friends threatning me. Because I am informing Stardoll about what is happening here. Otherwise I am going to give some items to friends of mine. To those, who eventually can't even afford such items. Like I said, without a public apologize I won't give Mandy anything.

March 5, 2011 8:34 PM

Anonymous said...

Blogger martini1966 said...

And if that should not happen, I would like to clarify also the same, it makes no sense to beg me now. I decide for myselves who gets what and who begins to beg get anything. I also want to give Mandy a couple of days to think. She seems to react very quickly too emotional, perhaps it needs to calm down at first, to think clearly.


Anonymous said...

well all of this i have found on stardoll most hated website and for me it's very clear that the poor Mandy it's her own hacker so Martni1996 you dont want to posted every where well here is my help hope that bitch of mandy leave you and dont give her shit bye bye bitch!!! oh and i'm writing this here beacuse we are talking about hackers and mandy it's one of them

Anonymous said...

"Destiny" didn't hack Blake, she hacked misscarlawhatsherface, Misscarla hacked Blake using Victoria141's account.

Larsa_Gurl said...

Anonymous said...

hey Larsa why dont you write that on her GB?? on the post on stardol's most hated website?? are you afraid to be reported??? beacuse you know she will take pics and send it to stardoll rigth?? and i do belive on martini1966 insted of that bitch mandy XD first did you think the hacker can do the exact same doll as mandy come on!! and why she didnt remove the stuff on her
SB insted of going to the beauty parlor???? really?? i can even do my doll the same after i change my look and the hacker make her look like mandy in min??? really??

Larsa_Gurl said...

@ Anonymous: Lmfao, you're really stupid. :) FIRST OF ALL, Martini1966's guestbook is closed, so how on earth would I be able to write in it? Second of all, I am only able to write on SMW about the stardoll lottery. If I was so 'afraid' of getting reported, I wouldn't have posted it here. Get a life. Mandy wouldn't hack herself. Who the fuck does that? She sold most of her rares. For what? Fame? Lmfao, you must be stupid if you think that. Stop being such an anonymous bitch and tell me who you really are.

Pip_lover_anin said...

agree with larsa_gurl

Anonymous said...

ok mandy i´m a german blogger and very good friend of Martini. i see what you wrote in the tiynpic and i see what you wrote for your super duppa friend mANDY HERE ON THIS SITE: THE POST IS DELETE: OK BUT IS THAT FAIR waht you make here with martini?? NO!! i collect everthing about this story and i make a big revial in my blog!! i write about the big mobbing attack of Martini.
Mandy and the other wasn´t to carefull with their accounts. thats Fact and nothing else.

natasha-rox286 said...

Wow after all she admitted it